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Virtually Reality With Us!

Dec 20, 6:00 PM - 10:00 PM

First 30 people to register with us are welcome to join us in Salt Lake City to try out a few of our gaming machines. We will have virtual reality oculus Rift S along with gsync 4k gaming. Pizza will also be provided. Reach out on our webaite stating "virtual reality event" in any contact form and we will send detailed information.

This is a free event.

Feel free to bring your own gear!

Reach out on our website contact form or live chat to get a seat!

Gaming Computer Give AWAY!

Nov 17, 9:00 PM Dec 31, 1:00 PM

Tech Ahead wants to promote our custom built computers by giving a free build give away on January 1st. This will include a fully functional desktop with a GTX 1060 EVGA graphics card along with windows 10 pro workstation 64 bit. All accessories with a 22 inch wide monitor (everything needed to go home and game). Please reach out on any of our contact forms on our website to be part of this drawing. You must create a customer login. This does NOT require a credit card or purchase of any services. Please be sure to give your correct contact info for the drawing. The winner will be tagged in our social media. No hidden fees (just shipping). Reach out for any details and or questions on our website.

Thank you and best of luck gamers!

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BioGrass Sod Farms

"I have been very satisfied with the response that Logics Infotech Solutions has given BioGrass Sod Farms. They have been very responsive and have been very active in helping our company with our IT needs and Website needs." ?-Peter Bell, BioGrass Sod Farms

Dematic Corp

"Anyone needing help with their home network and internet should really have Logics Infotech Solutions review your needs. I had them come to my home and set up my home Network, internet and phone connection. I'm an older guy who knows very little about how to do this. I tried doing it but got very frustrated with all the terms and special knowledge needed. I needed my home network working with my workshop internet and security system. They came and listened to my concerns and in a few days I had it all up and running. I can now check on my doors, cameras from anywhere. I get all my emails and messages on one system. Great company to work with. I would recommend them to my friends and family." -David Turpin